This charming home was lovingly updated by a family who adored Italy.  They went to great lengths to select the ideal property to bring their Tuscan vision to life.  In addition to the updates made to the home, they added in a vineyard on their large lot.  They imported olive trees, grape vines and the like from Italy to maintain an authentic ambiance.  They purchased over 300 thirty foot railroad ties from an old rail yard and had them imported.  These beams were used throughout the home to adorn every ceiling with a touch of Tuscany.  The dense, aged wood even brought the aroma of historic times into the home.  Since the use was decorative, it required utmost care in measuring and installation to ensure these heavy structures were seamlessly put in place and effectively supported.  The beams had to be cut with chainsaws and then planed to make it look like a smooth cut.  Many of the beams had to be lifted and lowered many times to produce a perfect placement and the appearance of a ridge beam across the ceiling supported by hip rafters and common rafters.  The final outcome was a new remodel that appeared to have stood the test of time. 

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Remodel of Kentfield Kitchen with Railroad Ties